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Marble Countertop Finishes

Marble Surface Finishes - Add A Little More Wow To Your Project

Marble surfaces date back to ancient times. This material has stood the test of time and became a staple of interior and architectural design.

Marble Countertops Can Be Finished With Several Styles

Marble comes in an infinite number of patterns and colors all slabs are unique and never duplicated. There is another aspect of Marble that adds to its appeal, texture, there are several options available. Let's explore each below.


A honed finish is a matte velvet like texture with a very low sheen. This is a finish that will leave your marble countertops looking very natural and adding a wow factor in a subtle manner. This satin finish is created by removing very small bits from the surface of the slab. The honed finish is great for high traffic areas such as your kitchen countertops or bathroom vanities. With the matte finish scratches are not as visible. We do recommend using our 25 Year Sealer. This sealer is the best in the industry and there is no other product on the market with this amazing warranty. You can learn more here.


Calacatta Vagli Marble With A Leathered Texture

The brushed finish gives a natural and antique look to the marble stone. To convert the marble into the brushed look, the stone is brushed until it becomes textured. The brushed finish is more porous and needs to be sealed frequently to avoid staining. It somewhat resembles with antiqued and tumbled finish. This is far the common finishes applied to the marble. A small change in the techniques alters the look and quality of the stone; some finishes look better in high trafficking areas while some look great in low crowd areas. Now that you know the different marble tile finishes available, consider budget, durability, and applications before making a decision.


A Polished Finish On Fantasy Brown Marble Surface

The Polished finish adds a beautiful gloss sheen to a marble surface. The buffing processes leave a silky smooth finish on marble surfaces. Adding to the elegant styling that Marble countertops add to a room. Polished Marble is highly versitle and showcased in modern and traditional settings alike. There is another benefit of this finish, the polished finish helps seal the pores in the material making it less suseceptible to stains, bacteria and germs.

These finishes are outstanding ways to make a room stand out. Each offering a different unique experience. If you would like to experience these finishes first hand stop by one of our locations and feel the difference!

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